Thursday, February 15, 2007


If you are reading this you found my little corner of the interweb universe. If you continue to read beyond this you must be a fan of what you read so far. Basically I wanted a place where I could capture my thoughts on anything that strikes my fancy.

By way of introduction, I was born in New Mexico and spent the great majority of my life there. Minus a two and a half year sojourn to California in my later single digit years. Since becoming a grown up my wife and I have managed to live in Oregon and now Idaho.

My sports ramblings will likely center around my favorite teams, the San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Braves, New Mexico State Aggies, Notre Dame, Oregon. Generally I love football and baseball. Basketball is great in March and June (careful perusal of a calendar will reveal that to be the NCAA tournament and NBA finals.)

I love to hunt and fish so there may be some discussion of that here as well.

Personally I am entering a fantastic stage in my life, my wife and I are expecting our first child in July. That is super exciting and will likely figure into some postings on here as well. As will I am sure the ongoing discussions we have regarding our impending progeny's religious upbringing.

Welcome to the blog and I look forward to getting to know my readers, assuming I develop any.

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