Thursday, February 17, 2011

Web Links....Special Thursday Edition

Hello all, I missed my usual Web Links Wednesday, so I am bringing them to you today.

  • There is an instruction set to be issued concerning Summorum Pontificum, and Fr. Z has some great ideas on his blog. Ideas to help Benedict XVI keep the document strong, if not strengthen it even more. Pray for the Holy Father, to keep SP strong, that we may reclaim some of our Catholic identity.
  • A great place to read a host of conservative columnists, from Ann Coulter to David Limbaugh and a host of other great conservative thinkers.
  • One of the great phrases ever coined Jumping the Shark, deals with when good TV goes bad.
  • Be warned this great site will suck you in, lots of trivia and quizzes and the like.
  • This is a good place to go for news, especially Catholic News, The NCR was recently acquired by EWTN.
  • And because I mentioned her network here is the wikipedia page on Mother Angelica, EWTN's fiercely orthodox, wickedly funny founder.
  • Keep some Kleenex handy for this sad, sad story. Michelle Malkin details the mass murdering Philadelphia abortion doc case 
  • Check your prescriptions carefully people. People make mistakes. Like this Safeway in Colorado, gave a pregnant woman an abortifacient pill. 
That's it for this week. Hope everyone is doing great. I thought about linking to newscaster Serene Branson's seeming on-air stroke. Even though her employer says she is fine and she didn't have a stroke it sure looked like it to me. Say a prayer for her as well as Mareena Silva and her baby when you hit your knees tonight.

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