Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Web Links Tuesday

Hello Dear Readers,
I know I have been away awhile it turns out that stacking soda cans takes a lot of time and more of my brains than perhaps I care to admit. Either way a lot has happened of late (or in at least one well publicized case, not happened, well here's hoping none of my readers was raptured anyway).

So let's take a look at the web and see what we find.

  • I should have written my own post on Macho Man Randy Savage's death, but it would have paled in comparison to Sport's Guy's so here is his take on the man who helped a lot of us become wrestling fans. Side note, the wife and I were discussing it the other day. Macho Man is one of only two wrestlers I truly remember from my early years, Hulk Hogan being the other. 
  • One more piece on Savage this one from Kevin Eck, who writes for the Baltimore Sun. Eck is a former wrestling creative guy (in other words he helped to write the soap opera parts).
  • A look at how the rapture isn't entirely biblical, it's proof texted out by folks who believe in it.
  • The recent tornado in Joplin, Mo. was a horrible thing to be sure one of it's architectural victims was a Catholic Church. Take a look at the photos in this post from Fr. Z and note what is still standing from said church. 
  • A look at the how the 2012 GOP field is shaping up from Michelle Malkin. Of the people mentioned I like Pawlenty and Cain so far I think. Well really I like Newt, but he has as much of a chance as I do of being President. 
  • Just a little fun from Reaganite Resistance. 
Well that's enough from me, hope everything is well with you Dear Reader.

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