Saturday, December 10, 2011

A New Blog To Follow

As a faithful Catholic the pro life issue is a big one for me. I just started reading a new blog tackling the subject purely from the Natural Law perspective.

Naturally Prolife looks to the Natural Law as defined by St. Thomas Aquinas and as expounded by the Magisterium epecially Bl. John Paul II. The blog's author Christopher Apodaca, writes meaty articles that examine the issue and tear it into bite sized thoughts without watering down the arguments.

His scholarship is evident throughout as his articles are chock full of quotations from Aquinas, JP II, and others such as C.S. Lewis.

I'm sure Apodaca's isn't the only blog to tackle the Pro-Life issue from this perspective, but the strength of the writing and the ability to take such a difficult argument and boil it down make his blog worth reading.

In the interest of full-disclosure, I know Chris, we went to school together. He is an incredibly well reasoned man and a faithful Catholic. Don't let the fact that I know him keep you from reading his blog though it is good stuff.


Christopher said...

Michael, thank you for the kind comments. My professor asked me to shrink it down to a ten page article so that I can get it published in the Social Justice Review. Please keep that in your prayers. Oh, and by the way, your blog looks fantastic. I would really appreciate some ideas on how to improve man, as it appears that you are great at this blogging thing.

Michael said...

I will keep that in my prayers. It can be hard to cut your thoughts down into smaller pieces to make it all fit.

Thanks for the love about my blog. I gotta say I cheated a little along the way, lol. I borrow style wise from Joe at Shameless Popery quite a bit. Mostly I just looked at other blogs and if they had something I liked I figured out a way to add it to my own blog.

One great tool is RefTagger which you can find online it is the thing that makes bible quotes pop up when I reference them in my blog. I like it a lot.

Mostly my advice is just keep doing it. Maybe take the occasional break from your main topic for something a little lighter.

Pax Christi,