Friday, January 13, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 6 -- Minnesota Winter Edition

--- 1 ---

Winter finally arrived in Minnesota after the first two months of our new life here with temps in the 30's and 40's the last few days have been in the teen's with subzero wind-chills. Fun times, but hey it's giving me a chance to break in my new Carhartt Flannel shirt that I got for Christmas.

--- 2 ---

The NFL Playoffs are in full swing. I will refrain from predicting any outcomes, because they would smack of rampant homerism and over exuberance owing to my 49ers being involved for the first time in a decade.
--- 3 ---

Found a great church here in Minnesota that I like. I walked in and the Tabernacle is front and center right behind the altar, confessionals on either side of the church, very pre-conciliar architecture. Makes me even more interested in hearing a Latin Mass sometime. Seems like they have a bunch of churches here that offer it at least once a month, perhaps I will have to check one out.

--- 4 ---

Watched Footloose today, the original. Kevin Bacon was so young and looked even younger than he was. One of my favorite movies from my childhood. I railed and railed about the idea that they remade it, but I will probably watch it at some point.
--- 5 ---

Going home in a week. It'll be awesome to be in New Mexico for a solid week, just getting to spend the time with the family and enjoying some good Mexican food. Yes, please.
--- 6 ---

The wife and my sister-in-law are both after my brother-in-law and I to read the Hunger Games books with them. Traci has finished all three of them and keeps bugging me to read them. I'd rather read the Millennium Trilogy (Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, etc.) books. In fact I started that one tonight.

--- 7 ---
Ok, fine I'll make predictions for this weekend's games:

New England - 44
Denver - 23

B'More - 38
Houston -7

S.F. - 24
New Orleans - 20
(Yes that is a homer pick, but it's a possibility)

Upset Special:
New York - 33
Green Bay 31
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