Monday, March 5, 2012

A Brave New World

Sorry I ripped the title of this post off of a Disney song, but it seemed appropriate. Sorry also for the lack of updates of late. Been dealing with my grampa's funeral and just haven't had the time to write. My Lenten discipline really should be to force myself to sit down and write every night.

Anyway on to the reason for tonight's post. My sweet little happy Matty is entering his terrible twos a solid 5 months too soon. He used to run around all happy and would say yes to everything. Now he loves to say no. Every question you ask him he answers with a no. What's up with that.

I think it was the hair cut. He got his first hair cut a couple weeks ago and he started turning at that point. But this weekend he really picked up the whole no thing. He is such a little brat.

At least big brother is his usual happy self. Tommy is doing so good. We finally got organized and got him into outpatient therapy just to augment the stuff they can do at school, since they never get enough time with him. We finally got a PCA for him so I definitely feel a little better about the whole work situation if I find a permanent job.

Been nice to have a little more work, last week I was out at a place twice loading a rail car full of frozen turkey. Good, hard, work, I wouldn't mind a job like that for awhile maybe I could hustle my chubby ass into a little better shape.  

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