Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Web Links Wednesday

Look it's the return of the Wednesday Links here at the Musings....without further ado....

  • Another Virtual Tour from the Vatican: This one of the Pope's Church, The Archbasilica of St. John Lateran. It is the Cathedral church for the Bishopric of Rome and as such, the Mother Church for all Roman Catholics.
  • Wikipedia's page about the Church for your educational purposes.
  • One heck of a April Fool's Joke, Unam Sanctum Catholicam created a fake papal encyclical essentially calling anything that came out of Vatican II anathema. Hilarious, be sure you check out the link in the story for the phony encyclical, as well as their related story/another April Fool's joke about the beatification of John Paul II being delayed. Exceedingly elaborate work to try and snooker some folks.
  • Archbishop Sheehan of Santa Fe, issues a strongly worded pastoral letter concerning cohabitation. Father Z has a great story with some additional comments from my favorite priest blogger.
  • One of my favorite voices from Red State with a blistering report on Speaker Boehner getting three minutes of President BO's time to discuss the budget.
  • Some good funnies from Reaganite Republican.
  • Here's a story detailing the administrative leave of Fr. John Corapi a gifted priest and speaker. He was put on leave while his order investigates a claim from a former employee of some serious allegations. Here's hoping the truth will out. The story answered my wondering about why EWTN hadn't been airing his programs. 
That's enough for now. Here's hoping this week's links edify, entertain or at least amuse you. 

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