Friday, September 30, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 1

--- 1 ---

Let's start with the most important item of the day: Today is the last day to flood Health and Human Services with calls and emails, letting them know we disagree with their conscience violating mandate in the new healthcare takeover. The mandate forces hospitals and insurance companies to cover contraceptive and abortifacient drugs. Since Tommy's primary hospital is the wonderful Sacred Heart Children's in Spokane, this issue hits home for me on a couple fronts. I don't want to see Holy Mother Church have to stand up for Herself by shuttering hospitals.

Contact the (allegedly) Catholic Secretary of HHS, and give her an ear full.
Phone:   (202) 690–7000
Read Catholicvote's take here.
--- 2 ---

Here we are a month into grouse hunting season and I haven't been out more than three times. Sad. I think this weekend may be time to load Tommy up and take him out to bounce along those rutted old roads up Moscow Mountain and see if we can find some birds

--- 3 ---

Well, I am now officially unemployed again. My "season" with Dr. Pepper is now over. While I hate being out of work I am somewhat glad to be done with this job. It wasn't a good fit from the start. So now the search for employment begins anew.

--- 4 ---

Saw Moneyball last night: Darn good movie. Brad Pitt was really good in it. This is one movie I won't necessarily say "The book was better..." about. Although it was. It is really like they were two different takes on the same story. The movie had to be a little different than the book, just by the nature of the story it told. Anyway I definitely recommend it, plus it just helped me get fired up for the playoffs which start today.

--- 5 ---

Another good viewing experience had lately at Casa de Musings was The Conspirator. It is the Robert Redford directed story of the military tribunal held that convicted Mary Surratt as a conspirator in the Lincoln assassination plot. Even knowing the historical facts of the case I was riveted. As much as I like Redford as an actor I believe he has done some of his best work as a director.

--- 6 ---

My World Series Pick: Phillies vs. Rays. Phillies in 6. Starting pitching is just too good in Philly. That with an offense that can explode at times, but seemingly always just does enough to win gives Philly the title.

--- 7 ---
Since Jen at Conversion Diary is trying to come up with some of these: My favorite pithy Saint quote is this one from St. Augustine:
Give me chastity and continence, but not yet.

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