Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A few of my favorite places

A trip to Spokane for doctor's appointments has left me tired and in no mood to write anything of my own of note today so here are some links.

  • One of my favorite apologetics blogs, Shameless Popery, even the name of the blog is fun. The post is about Martin Luther and the idea of Once Saved Always Saved. An interesting read as are most of the posts over there.  
  • My brother in law's blog, detailing his desire to get his garden going on his small homestead. This is a good blog for all you green thumbs out there. 
  • The Holy See's homepage, A great resource to read papal encyclicals and tons of other stuff. They have an online catechism and bible available as well. They also have a virtual tour of the excavations of St. Peter's Basilica, which is super neat and at the end is the original burial site of the prince of the Apostles. 
  • My favorite celeb gossip site, Be warned though sometimes its a little NSFW-ish. The guy who writes it is pretty snarky about celebs in general especially those who get a little self-important. 
  • I go here to keep up on my WWE news, especially since I tend to miss the last few minutes of Raw every Monday. 
Well, I hope these links give you guys something to read. I plan on doing some writing of my own tomorrow so there should be something for you if you come back.

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