Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Early Thoughts

My initial thought is that it is a heck of a match-up. Two of the league's premier teams locking up in the biggest game. I think Green Bay is the real deal. Thinking about that makes me a little sick though as Aaron Rodgers could have and probably should have been San Francisco's number one pick over Alex Smith. Also head coach Mike McCarthy was Alex's first offensive coordinator in SF. So there is a little what might have been for Niner fans with Green Bay.

As a 49er fan I don't want to see Pittsburgh extend their lead in total Lombardi Trophies over my Niners, but I think they could do it this year.

They have their traditional tough defense and a ton of offensive weapons. The game should be close and still hanging in the balance long after Fergie and the rest of her Peas' cohorts have left the field.

Green Bay 24-Pitt 17.

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