Friday, October 7, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 2

--- 1 ---

Well my World Series prediction is halfway to wrong, since Tampa Bay lost. But the Phillies are still in it. So I could still end up right on the winner.

--- 2 ---

I've been thinking for a little bit (read since late last night sometime, seeing as Tommy kept me up till 2 am) that I would like to add some of the more important Papal Documents (i.e. encyclicals, Bulls, perhaps some of the important Conciliar docs) to my Kindle. So I think I see the easiest way to do it is to save them in word and email them to my Kindle, let Amazon do the converting for me. Now if I could just find a Kindle version of the Catechism, I'd be good to go. 

--- 3 ---

Got up the mountain one time last weekend for a little bird hunting. Saw 3, maybe four birds. Hurried one shot, came home empty handed. But I got to see some nature and have a little fun. Didn't end up taking the Tomster. I need to this weekend, he sure likes bouncing up and down that hill.

--- 4 ---

My dad had an endoscopy of his throat and lungs this morning. Everything looked clean from what the Dr. told my mom. So praise be to God for that. Now if they could just figure out what's causing his cough.

--- 5 ---

Today is the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary. I should be more dedicated in praying the Rosary, it's not like its hard, and I know most of the prayers (I have to cheat a little for the Hail Holy Queen and Apostles Creed), but for some reason I never make time to say it. Which is weird because it invariably makes me feel better when I am done.

--- 6 ---

I'd be remiss to not point out that earlier this week was the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi. Francis was a great reformer of the Church in the early middle ages. He also was a great lover of nature. Surely you are familiar with statues of him surrounded by animals. He was also my pick for my confirmation patron saint. I know he has prayed with and for me for strength as I have passed through rough periods in my life. In fact I seemingly just starting praying the prayer of St. Francis and the O Divine Master for no reason, then suddenly come to some challenge and feel fortified.

--- 7 ---
If you haven't read Brant Pitre's Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist,get on it. That book is solid theological gold for explaining and defending the Eucharistic theology of Catholicism. Pitre does it through the lens of what first century Jews would have intrinsically understood when Jesus spoke about eating His flesh and drinking His blood. Amazing book.
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