Friday, October 14, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 3

--- 1 ---

For now I am officially off the Rick Perry bandwagon. Taking a stand on principles, I know he has distanced himself from Robert Jeffress, but one of my reasons for not liking Obama was the company he kept. It would be disingenuous to do otherwise with any candidate in this election. That being said if I have to vote for Mr. Perry to try and limit Obama to a single term I will do so.

--- 2 ---

I had a dream the other night that Tommy stood up and took a step. I love dreams like that. They tend to make me a little sad, but the happiness outweighs the sad. Plus it was neat to see him struggle to his feet and take one step before he got his legs all tangled up like he is wont to do. Also it helps to remind me to pray for the grace of God to heal him, or at least help him develop some skills.

--- 3 ---

In light of my recent post on Transubstantiation, I think a full treatment of some of the Eucharistic Miracles is in order but for now here's a look at one of the more well-known:


Miracle of the Rosary has a story as well

--- 4 ---

Time to highlight one of my favorite blogs. Brantley Millegan does great work over at Young, Evangelical, and Catholic. If you aren't reading his stuff. Get to his page now, well okay finish reading mine first. He does a great job at highlighting and defending essential aspects of the faith.

--- 5 ---

I hate being out of work, it's so easy to get down on myself. So easy to think I am a failure because I am not taking care of my family. Here's hoping that I find work soon.

--- 6 ---

If you ever wanted to read papal documents, the encyclicals and what not there are a couple of great places to find them. The Vatican website of course has from Benedict XVI back to Leo XIII. If you really want to dig into history, and read say the Bull of Excommunication for Martin Luther or the Canons of the Fourth Lateran Council. head to
I like to copy them to word documents and send them to my kindle.
--- 7 ---
My revised World Series prediction: Milwaukee vs. Texas....

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jen said...

I totally understand the dream you had -- my husband and I have had them about our son who is a preemie and has developmental delays. He's 2.5 and finally at the point of walking. People have told me that this is when my life ends but I'm excited for it because it's a hard-won victory for Daniel (my son).