Friday, October 28, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 4--Minnesota Move Edition

--- 1 ---

I hate it when God waits for me to decide I am ready to do something, rather than just making it happen and letting me see how good it was later. For instance moving, Traci and I are just slowly sinking out here in Idaho...we love it, but it hasn't been easy and now the time has come to move on. So we will be leaving Idaho on November 11.

--- 2 ---

That opening sentence in point one stems from the fact that we have been discussing the idea of moving to Minnesota, since Tommy was born, the medical care and educational opportunities seem to be much better there than in my home state of New Mexico. However I was always scared to be so close to her family, my own insecurities getting in the way I suppose. On Sunday I was at Mass alone, with no kids to wrangle I had time to shut up and let God talk to me. And talk He did. I prayed if it was the right move that things would open up for us and they have, we have our apartment subleased, Tommy's daycare attendant is also quitting to focus on school--whew, was worried about breaking her heart telling her Tommy was moving. So things are moving quickly now.

--- 3 ---

Of course on Sunday God also told me that Traci and I needed to work a little harder at being a cord of three strands again. Which is from Ecclesiastes 4:7-12. That scripture was used during our wedding and we haven't always lived up to it. Hopefully with some family help around now we can work on those things. 

--- 4 ---

Ok I'll say it the winters and summers I am about to get myself into scare me. Growing up in New Mexico I am used to hot, but not humid. The first time I went to see Traci in Minnesota it was 95 in El Paso, no big deal. It was 100 in Minneapolis, still no big deal, however the humidity was 90% I thought I would pass out on the jetway the air was so heavy. Idaho has toughened me up in regards to cold, but it has nothing on Minnesota. So here's hoping I can get used to the weather.

--- 5 ---

These next two weeks will be a busy time of packing and phone calls and getting organized as we close this chapter of our lives. Already working on calling all of Tommy's many specialists and getting recommendations on who to see in Minnesota.
--- 6 ---

Did you watch the baseball game last night? How St. Louis managed to keep coming back is amazing. Texas had three blown saves in last night's game. Unreal. Here's hoping they give us another classic tonight in Game 7 to close the Series.
Sorry Rangers Fans:
Freese's Walk-off Sends Series to Seventh Game

--- 7 ---
Is there anything better than Game 7. Any sport. Everything is do or die. Every shift in momentum feels like the final nail in the coffin. The first Game 7 I remember caring about anyway, involves Minnesota oddly enough. In 1991 the Twins and Braves locked up in what a lot of people say was the Best World Series ever. In Game 6 Kirby Puckett seemingly single-handedly insured that there would be a Game 7. He had a home-run saving catch against Ron Gant in the third inning. But Puckett sealed the win in the 11th belting a home-run into the seats giving the Twins a 4-3 win and forcing the dramatic Game 7 pitcher's duel.
Now I have to move into Twins country and learn to like them I guess.... 

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Chris (Longmont, CO) said...

I went through this same problem a few years ago myself. My wife and I had been talking about moving for some time from (chuckle) Rio Rancho, NM ... to somewhere else. As I had no radio in my truck ... and a 45 minute commute (1 way), I prayed a lot of rosaries. Always with the same thought in mind ... where do you want me Lord?

I got an answer, and felt like Noah in Bill Cosby's skit < >. Long and the short of it we moved ... but not fast enough. Had we moved 2 weeks earlier, my wife's EMT license could have transferred. Oh well ... need to learn the meaning of haste.

jen said...

i lived in minnesota for almost 2 years. the mosquitoes and humidity are a bear so exercise in the early morning or evening if you have to.

as far as the cold, it's all relative once it drops below about 10F as that's the temperature where any exposed skin will suffer. if you don't have a good parka, hit up lands' end for one. i've dealt with a month of sub-zero temps and survived. you'll also want a block heater on your car so you can plug it in and keep the engine warm.